Normal - Graeme Cameron

3.5 stars


Well...not quite sure how to put this review into words. On the one hand, I enjoyed the author's style and the story's pacing. The PR cites Dexter and Natural Born Killers in advanced reviews, neither of which I've seen, but I can vouch for the dark humor throughout the book.


On the other hand, I don't typically like books that attempt to present a "likable" or sympathetic monster. We meet this nameless protagonist just as he's needlessly murdered a teenage girl and abducted another one. For reasons unclear he's keeping the survivor in a basement prison while he wreaks more havoc...until he gradually grows a conscience. He gets sloppy, his prisoner gets more demanding, and the story does take a comic turn from American Psycho to the Coen Brothers.


So, yes, I liked it. Maybe a part of me feels odd for doing so, but there it is.


ARC received by publisher