The Dream Lover: A Novel of George Sand - Elizabeth Berg

ARC received from publisher via NetGalley

To this date I've only read one Sand novel, The Country Waif. I don't recall the work being complex, but it was enough for me to want to seek out the film Impromptu, a loose interpretation of Sand's pursuit of Chopin. I wasn't fond of the film and sought out The Dream Lover in hopes I might like this portrayal of Sand.

Lover hops back and forth at various points in Sand's life, with each thread marking a beginning: that of Aurore's life and the moment she leaves her husband to eventually become George Sand. The flashes to her early life drag in comparison to the recollections of her new career and romantic liaisons - and the headaches that come with being a woman in this time. In the aforementioned film, her relationship with Chopin is the focal point of the story, whereas in this book it doesn't appear as significant as her intimacy with other contemporaries, notably actress Marie Dorval.

Lover is presented in George's voice, and though I found it descriptive it lacked a good pacing for me.