Bound with Love - Megan Mulry

I don't get into many F/F historicals, not Regency era anyway, so when this book hit my radar I said yes. :) I hadn't known it's actually a followup to a more erotically charged work with pansexual characters. I found I could follow this story without reading the predecessor, though.

Vanessa and Nora have been together for 20 years, having found each other after Nora's harrowing marriage and separation from her child. When they learn Nora is about to be reunited with the baby she lost, more secrets are revealed. The past becomes a source of tension for both women, to say nothing of the present as Vanessa interferes with her children's lives.

I liked the idea of this story - two older heroines, an accepting family, passionate scenes that didn't come off as gratuitous. The storyline seemed better filled out when the story interchanged between past and present. I liked reading the progression of Nora and Vanessa's romance.