Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns - Lauren Weisberger
I got into an argument once with somebody about The Devil Wears Prada. This person loved that book, and I enjoyed it up until a point. I never liked the climatic scene where Andy finally confronts Miranda - it played too weakly for me, and the denouement did little to save it. I have not seen the movie.Nonetheless, sequels intrigue me, and I picked up Revenge despite the less than glowing reviews here. Seems this is not the book everybody hoped to read - readers wanted an actual revenge plot. I'll agree with other readers that Andy's character doesn't appear to have grown since Devil, but I did like that she was determined not to go along with the resurrected interest in Miranda and the "devil's" interest in her wedding magazine. Miranda is not a major player in the book (maybe in spirit, as she forever lingers as an evil specter in Andy's mind), and people wonder "Where's the actual revenge?"My theory: it's all mental. Andy had finally found success in her chosen field, had the man she loved, etc. Contact with Miranda after ten years, which led to the latter's interest in acquiring Andy's property, instigated the revenge. Just hearing the woman's name sets Andy spiraling into anxiety and paranoia, to the point it eventually takes nearly everything from her.That said, I didn't hate the book. I still wish Andy had grabbed Miranda by the neck in the first book and plunged her head into a toilet. I don't know if we can expect a third book.