My Seinfeld Year - Fred Stoller
Fred Stoller strikes me as one of those actor you don't know by name. You see his face, or hear his voice, though, and you snap your fingers and say, "Yeah, that guy." I remember him mainly through "Everybody Loves Raymond" as the cousin who gets Robert sucked into that happy cult, and as the voice of the wrench on "Handy Manny" (the price of having a pre-schooler). I hadn't realized he worked on one of my favorite shows, "Seinfeld", as a writer. Not only that, he wrote one of the more memorable episodes - "The Soup," where Jerry accepts a new suit in exchange for buying a friend a meal...that turns out to be several small meals.What I found most interesting about this Kindle single is that it provides an fascinating perspective on how sitcom writing works - at least for one particular show. It is actually more competitive than I had realized, and even if you manage to get a script accepted there's no guarantee your work will survive massive rewrites. I wish this story could have been a bit longer, it left me wanting more to read.