Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney - Howard Sounes
A more detailed review will follow on my book blog, but here I'll say that this is the first Beatle biography I've read that wasn't about John. I suppose I've resisted all this time to read a Paul bio because he's still kicking and apparently making news...therefore his story is far from over. Reading Fab, you get the impression that the author is only a marginal admirer of McCartney. While it may be mainly factual (it's certainly long) it doesn't read as an objective piece. A song is mention, and the author delivers an off-handed comment about how lousy it was, or how this album wasn't good, etc. While I don't expect McCartney to have lived as a saint, the author seems to highlight moments where McCartney most visibly acted like an ass. If you believe Macca can do wrong, you're probably not going to like this. I expect a thorough biography to pull up the occasional scab, but there are moments in Fab where the author appears to take great pleasure in doing so. It's off-putting.