Rock Deadly (Rock and Roll Mysteries, #1) - Kathryn Lively
I will not review this, obviously, because I am the author. I wanted to let readers know that this is a second edition of a mystery/thriller I authored. The book was released previously under the title DEAD BARCHETTA. Therefore, if you have purchased and read Dead Barchetta there is no reason to buy this book. However, the sequel is to be called ROCK TIL YOU DROP, and I do hope you'll pick up that one when it's out later this year.If you enjoyed Dead Barchetta, please consider copying your review to this page. Thanks!Here is the scoop on ROCK DEADLYAward-winning author Kathryn Lively offers you a rocking mystery! Music tutor by day and tribute band guitarist by night, Matt “Lerxst” Johnston has woman problems. Well, maybe for a musician that's normal.1) There's the willowy redhead who tries to kill him in his sleep.2) There's the hot for music teacher cougar who wants help adjusting her "G-string."3) There's the knife-wielding rock chick with a soft spot for strays.And...there's grandma, and her "herb garden," legal only if you have a card, and definitely not in Virginia!Normal? Heh.Before Lerxst can find normal, he must learn the truth about his would-be killer, his family, and himself. And what a long, strange trip it is…If you like this novel, you definitely want to check out Kathryn's other mystery, Pithed: an Andy Farmer Mystery (Mundania Press) and her 99 cent eBook suspense novel, Little Flowers.Please visit Kathryn Lively online at http://kathrynlively.blogspot.com follow her on Twitter @MsKathrynLively