- Betty Sullivan La Pierre
The title of this mystery/thriller is a tad misleading; one might think "" to be a story directly related to Internet-woven intrique or e-mail harassment. That the victim of Betty Sullivan LaPierre's novel own a computer software company is the only tie to the title, one which does not figure as prominently as other conflicts.

As "" opens, Angie and Bud Nevers are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary with a small party of friends, all known to Angie but one - a striking young, mysterious blonde who seems to know Bud very well. Angie's reluctance to press the issue of the uninvited guest is bolstered by Bud's own odd behavior - his reaction to news of embezzlement through a dummy company. Angie, however, never gets the opportunity to confront Bud, who disappears shortly afterward following his usual weekend golf game.

Angie's worst fears of Bud's fate are confirmed when homicide detective and family friend Tom Hoffman delivers news of Bud's death. Motive and opportunity are a mystery, as Angie wonders who would kill a man with no enemies. Involving herself in Detective Hoffman's case, however, Angie soon discovers a decades-long deception connected to the identity of the mysterious blonde and the computer company's finances, the questionable suicide of another employee and a surprising suspect. Angie wonders if she really knew her husband of twenty-five years

While "" offers an intriguing premise with a twist ending, various instances of POV switching, or "head-hopping," make "" a bumpy read at times. Author LaPierre has a knack for creating well-rounded, sympathetic characters, though her narrative style in this book tends to be inconsistent. Parts of the story seem summarized and interrupt the tension of an otherwise good story.