Dr. Chance Meyers, mourning the untimely death of his wife, comes across sackfuls of untouched fabric from her sewing room. The room and its contents, like Chance's relationship with his two children, has been negelected following this tragedy, and Chance feels compelled to find a home for the cloth, thinking some avid quilter may be able to stitch together the fabric just as he needs to stitch his family back together.

Mary Grace Caster runs the local fabric shop, but lately her duties at the store are distracted by the antics of a wayward friend whose self-destructive behavior is affecting Mary Grace emotionally and financially. That a strange, yet handsome doctor keeps trying to unload his late wife's fabric scraps upon her is at first irritating to Mary Grace, yet as she becomes acquainted with Chance and his estranged teenaged daughter she feels moved to help the only way she can, through prayer.

Fabric of Faith is a sweet story of the power of faith in the face of conflict and denial. Calm, quiet Mary Grace is a pillar of common sense, having survived the unsavory lifestyle in which Chance's daughter is dabbling, and her cautious romance with the grieving Dr. Meyers is at first tense, then tender. Brandt's Fabric of Faith offers romance fans a new voice in inspirational fiction and the world of electronic publishing.