When We Met - Susan Mallery

ARC received from the publisher.


I enjoy small-town contemporary series, and having read through Brenda Novak's Whiskey Creek books I picked up on this one because of the similarities (also set in small town California, focus on pairing two singles determined not to get deeply involved with someone). Here, a partner in a sports agency - Taryn - is wooed right off the bat by a partner in a bodyguard service - Angel. From the first page you think the heat will sear the town, but you get a slow build that eventually puts the couple in a number of interesting, and sometimes amusing, situations.


They flirt, all the while dealing with their separate personal demons. Angel wants to mentor teenage boys and inadvertently volunteers to lead a troop of young girls in a service group similar to Brownies. Taryn is a fashion plate, and must show proficiency at camping to win a client. Each relies on the other to help, and the agreed-upon affair turns into something more.


I hadn't realized this was the thirteenth book of the Fool's Gold series. I usually don't hop into a series this far into the game, but I liked that the story stood apart enough that I didn't get lost. It's a sweet romance with a few spicy moments that flows very well.