Night of a Thousand Stars - Deanna Raybourn

I don't have many auto-buy authors, but with her recent historical novels Deanna Raybourn may soon be added to the list. Night of a Thousand Stars begins with a runaway bride who quickly puts a grand distance between herself and the altar...all the way to Damascus. With the intent of tracking down the man who assisted her getaway, Penelope "Poppy" March becomes embroiled in a dangerous hunt for treasure and discovers she can't tell the good guys from bad in her adventure.

Raybourn has a series of novels featuring a character Lady Julia, none of which I've read yet, but Stars alludes to the character, as well as Evie Stark in City of Jasmine - so Night is the book that links all of the author's worlds. If you've read her prior works you may appreciate the references, but it's not really necessary to have read City of Jasmine first.

I enjoyed this story - the intrigue and the settings, and another delightful Raybourn heroine.