Home to Whiskey Creek - Brenda Novak
ARC received from NetGalley.This is the first Whiskey Creek novel I have had, as well as my first Brenda Novak book. I had previewed the book on Ms. Novak's website, and the excerpt proved compelling enough to get me to read the book. If you start here I don't think you'll be lost - this story about a woman returning to her hometown years after a horrifying event is written in a way that you can follow the community easily. The tension between the emotional bruised Addy and Noah is palpable and you are pushed to read forward. There is an element of mystery involved, namely who is involved in scaring Addy out of town, and Novak managed to keep me guessing for a while.Because I've read this book, I am intrigued to read the other Whiskey Creek novels.