The Boleyn Deceit - Laura Andersen
ARC received from the publisher via NetGalley.The Boleyn Deceit picks up where its predecessor, The Boleyn King, leave off. In my review of the first book, I incorrectly identified the king as William - he is called William in private but is known as Henry IX of England. Two years or so have passed since the murder in the first story that sparked the mystery of treason and deceit. The tight circle of friends (the king, Princess Elizabeth, Dominic and Minuette) have delved deeper into uncovering plans of revolution from Catholic sympathizers. Here, stakes are upped in political and romantic entanglements. The William/Minuette/Dominic triangle becomes more compelling, and Elizabeth's presence grows with her relationship to Robert Dudley, all the while the specters of death and jealousy surround them. If you read the first book you won't be disappointed by the continuation - be warned that you'll be left wanting to read the conclusion.