Dirty Housewives - Rebecca Leigh
I would give this 2 1/2 stars if I could.I picked up this book during a sale Ravenous Romance had at All Romance. I found the story intriguing - I've read a number of F/F erotic works, but the 1950s setting grabbed me. Housewives is a story of scandals in a small town as seen through the eyes of Barbara, a bored divorcee who follows the town gossip and fall in insta-lust with an FBI employee, Sally, who is in town helping investigate a white collar crime.I liked the idea of a story set in the 50s, particularly a lesbian romance. What I found problematic about Housewives was the contemporary feel to the story. I didn't read much in the book that put me in the 1950s, so there was no sense of time for me. This story could easily have been set in the current time.Second, the threesome angle simply didn't work for me. At one point a character simply drives away, and we're left to assume that she's abandoned her home. All of a sudden, a third lesbian conveniently moves in? How does one take possession of a home so quickly? It didn't seem realistic to me at all, and the insta-lust between Barbara and Virginia and Sally's immediate acceptance of a three-way relationship just didn't gel with me. It made for a few hot sex scenes, but this story seemed to work better with two heroines. Good concept, but the execution needed work.