Serendipity and Other Stories - B. Scott Christmas
Serendipity is a collection of ten short stories on a variety of themes. Some touch on horror and the esoteric, others project the human desire for freedom, while the final half of the book is devoted to WWI-related fiction. Of the stories, I found myself most drawn to "Serendipity," a unique romance on the fringes of the supernatural, and "Widow's Walk," a chilling tale reminiscent of a film noir serial. "The Red California Spyder" reminded me of a somewhat popular song about another red car of legend, and "Night Visions" was positively creepy.If the collection has a weak spot, for me it was the satirical "Proudest Monkey," which interrupted the flow of the book. I don't think it's badly written - it is quite amusing depending on how you interpret the author's intent - but it didn't seem to fit with the overall dark motif of the collection.If you enjoy short fiction, dark suspense, and a Twilight Zone undertone in fiction, this is a book worth reading.