The Choice - Marilyn Meredith
As the widowed mother of an oft-absent teenaged son, Jessica McGuire appears to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her job as deputy of the small town of Lawrenceville wins her little respect among the local barflies and her superior officers, and when Jessica discovers the desecration of an old grave she is further reprimanded. Just make sure the drunks get home safely and that the kids are not out late spray painting buildings, is all she is told.

Jessica finds it difficult to ignore other strange thefts. Barnyard animals are missing, as is the large redwood cross at the local church. Pastor David Tanner, to Jessica's shock, suspects a force of evil is trying to take over the community, leading the deputy to fight an uphill battle with small-town bureaucracy which unfortunately does not prevent the loss of life. That Jessica's own faith in God is middling, it is the only weapon she has against the group of black-robed citizens who have made the fight too personal for her to ignore.

The Choice is a short novel of suspense, a tense and contemporary adaption of good versus evil. Though some of her actions may not appear professional, Jessica acts out of passion, and to watch her grow in faith is inspiring. Author Meredith's style is direct in her presentation where matters of faith are concerned, providing for a riveting climax.