Firetrail - Lydia Hawke
Judith Rogers lost her husband, and consequently her home and security, to the Civil War. She faces her uncertain future, hoping a relative will grant her residence. An arduous journey through South Carolina in the shadow of Sherman's approach, however, proves perilous when a group of marauders attempts to take her scant belongings, and much more. She is fortunate handsome Rebel Captain Blake Winberry happens along the scene in time to help.

Blake's chivalry, though, transcends the standard "knight in shining armor" persona. He is immediately drawn to the refined Judith and, despite being on active duty, is determined to guarantee her security. The last thing Judith expected from him was a marriage proposal after a few days' acquaintance, but she finds Blake's charm and looks impossible to resist. Wedded bliss is threatened as Judith wonders if Blake's husbandly attentions are genuine, or if she is being used to compensate for the loss of Blake's previous love.

Set in the tempestuous South during a tempestuous time, Lydia Hawke's "Firetrail" finely blends historical action with romance. Through interweaving the passion of war with passions of the heart, Hawke offers a romantic story that will satisfy Civil War enthusiasts as well as romance lovers.