The Last Fisherman: A Novel Of The Last Pope, The Antichrist And The End Of The Age - Randy England
The Last Fisherman, Randy England's novel about the last Pope and the dawn of the antichrist, is unique in that not only is the story told from a Catholic point of view, but from the biblical Catholic point of view. Where Bud MacFarlane's Pierced by a Sword has given us an interpretation of the End Times according to Marian prophecy, The Last Fisherman plot flows along what we know from Revelations, which makes for a compelling and frightening tale, particularly when the antichrist -- an American politician who sounds all too familiar to me -- attempts to take the world under his control.

Brendan Shea, a young parish priest whose primary concerns at the beginning of Fisherman concern the issues in his own community, is caught off-guard when he is elected Pope without the benefit of having risen through the ranks of the religious hierarchy. Nevertheless, he accepts the position as God's Will, but with the new job there is presented a challenge as a rogue group of Cardinals elect an anti-Pope whom the public prefers. Brendan, left to lead the remnant Church underground, fights to preserve the Faith as the prophecies of the Book of Revelation become all too true under the sinister regime of the antichrist.

The Last Fisherman makes for a quick read, as one may have trouble putting it down without finishing. My only wish is that the story could have been longer; it is a slim book but a very well-written one, a fine addition to the Catholic fiction genre.