There We Stood, Here We Stand: Eleven Lutherans Rediscover Their Catholic Roots - Timothy Drake,  Foreword by Richard John Neuhaus
You don't have to be a Lutheran to read There We Stood; anybody with an interest in the Catholic faith and why people from Protestant denominations "cross the Tiber" will find this title on par with the other great apologetics books in print.

There We Stood chronicles eleven former Lutherans -- including a few female pastors -- on their spiritual journeys and how issues such as the Lutheran church's stance on abortion and how Martin Luther's original teachings differ from that of the church today affected their decisions to convert.

I enjoyed reading especially the stories of the female pastors, all of whom were fully aware that their ordinations would not transfer over to the Catholic faith as they might for a male pastor, even a married one. To read how they decided Christ in His Church was more important was truly inspiring, and they prove that women do have an important place in the Church, serving through various other ministries.

All in all There We Stood is a well-written collection of essays and a wonderful testimony for the Catholic faith. It's been said the Church's greatest promoters are converts, and this book proves that theory.