The Quick: A Novel - Lauren Owen
ARC received from NetGalley

I opted to read this book based on the description as written on Goodreads. I was under the impression I would read an historical mystery set in England - something reminiscent of the Jack the Ripper legend. The Quick starts out as such - focusing on two orphaned children and their quiet life, until brother James leaves for London as an adult. His relationship with Christopher Paige arouses the disapproval of some of Paige's family, and just before they leave the city tragedy strikes.

Up to this point the novel has the makings of a fascinating noir tale. We know from the description Charlotte intends to investigate, but then the story takes a sharp right turn in "Wha--?" Now we're reading a paranormal, with the narrative interspersed with journals and book excerpts about the nature of vampires, how they survive, etc. It's like you're reading one book and suddenly it's taken from you and you're given something else.

Marketing calls this a book of epic scope, but it reads as too ambitious for me. Had I known up front this would be a vampire book I probably would have passed. Now, if you are interested in Gothic noir, this could work you. To me, the author seemed to do too much in one space.