Lace II - Shirley Conran
The first Lace was a good old fashioned trashy novel. The sequel lacked cohesion, sadly, and doesn't match up. The story begins with uber-celebrity Lili kidnapped for a hefty ransom, to be paid by her mysterious father. Well, we know in Lace who that is, and you'd think the lengthy flashback would provide more insight into it. Instead we're treated to a lengthy, boring recap of Lily and Judy's relationship until that point - plus there are parts with two of Judy's friends added for balance. The fourth friend, Kate, is all but written out.

There's a side plot about two men Judy flinged with, not mentioned in the first book, that seemed tacked on here. By the end, there are so many things unresolved. I have to wonder if Conran planned a third book to tie those loose ends. Reading the second book, it's like she wrote this as an afterthought because the first one did so well.

If you loved Lace, you might not like this one.