La Fiscalidad del Tabaco En La Ce - Juan Antonio Gimeno Ullastres
Of all things American, the work ethic is most lost on young Mina, a transplant from Italy sent to live with her older sister, Paola, in California. Why Paola continues to pour her heart and soul into a software business that lately seems to yield only pain and frustration is baffling to Mina. Paola's philandering husband and work partner is not shy about his womanizing, employees are hardly loyal, and inventory is disappearing. It is no wonder Mina prefers a sedentary life, free to dream of a handsome, far-away Frenchman who writes words of love on lavender stationery.

The mysterious death of an employee at Paola's business does little to diffuse tempers at home and at work, and Mina is less than amused when talk of poison, intent, and murder implies Paola as a prime suspect. Though no accusations are made directly, Mina is sparred into action to aid Detective Di Fiore and Paola's personal investigator, Brian Starrs, in confirming Paola's innocence in any wrongdoing.

Then Paola is found dead, presumably by her own hand. A devastated Mina is soon forced to shed all immaturity to prove otherwise, that Paola was murdered and that somebody at the software company is responsible. This task uncovers more than Mina expects as a history of deceit is unraveled to the point that her questions are answered only with more questions. Only her love for her sister can sustain Mina through these trials.

With Love Thy Sister, author Swan gives mystery lovers a story that will not disappoint. Injected with a touch a romance and moments of levity that do not dampen the tension of the mystery, Sister is well-written, dramatic, and a treat to read. Swan creates in Mina a somewhat spoiled but likable heroine, a well-rounded gem in a cast of amusing stock characters (the sleazeball husband, the man-hungry receptionist, etc.) Swan is one author for mystery fans to watch in the future.