Skeleton Crew: A Lindsay Chamberlain Novel - Beverly Connor
Lindsay has a new nickname -- the Angel of Death -- and she does not like it very much. Trying to discourage its use, however, is difficult when, on a excavation trip to coastal Georgia, death happens. Normally searching for pirate's treasure would seem like a fun thing to do, and Lindsay is happy to be a part of an undersea dig to find the Estrella de Espana of the Spanish Galleon, which sank off the coast of Georgia hundreds of years ago. A blossoming relationship with John West (a supporting player from Questionable Remains) further lightens Lindsay's move. Then the killings begin.

Having hailed from Northern Florida, I am quite familiar with the area of which Beverly writes, and I did enjoy Skeleton Crew very much, more so than the rest of the series. The partnership of archaelogy and mystery will certainly provide endless ideas for this series, not to mention a history lesson or two.